Do I need to bring my own food storage bag(s) for the food? No, you need not bring bags. However, please do bring a cooler or tote to bring the 10 recipe mixes home.

Where is each event held? Our MVPantry events are currently being held at the Upton VFW, located at 15 Milford Street in Upton, MA and the Northboro American Legion Post 234 located at 402 W Main St, Northborough, MA

Do you provide the meat? No; we provide all the ingredients except for the meat -- you must add that later on your own at home.

Do I bring meat with me to the event? No, you will add that later at home.

Can I freeze the recipes? Yes! In fact, we recommend that you add your meat to the recipes within 3 days and then freeze them for when you need them.

How long will the recipes last? Please refer to US Food Safety guidelines here at

How do I cook each recipe later? We will provide freezer storage bags, each one labelled with: the recipe name, date prepared, suggested meat to be added, cooking instructions and suggested accompaniments.

Are there suggestions on what to add to the meal? Yes! We will provide suggested accompaniments on or before the day of the event, for each recipe.

While cooking the recipes can I / should I peek at and stir throughout the day? Yes and No...Do NOT lift the lid within the first 3 hours! Slow cookers 'do their thing' early on to get up to temperature, so hands-off for those first 3 hours else it will add a bunch of time to your total cooking time. After 3 hours, sure you can give it an occasional stir, but again, the more times you lift that lid, the longer it will take to finish. A little rule: every time you lift the lid add 20 minutes to your cook time.

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