Thank you for expressing an interest in MVPantry and the service we have to offer!

Here's how it works:
  1. You sign up to reserve your spot to pick up at the next event
  2. The MVPantry Team will then prepare, ahead of time, 10 different meals with high quality ingredients. 
  3. Stop by during your reserved pick up time.
  4. When you get home, add the meat of your choice (we will offer suggestions!) and freeze the mixture.
  5. Cut open the bag and empty one of your frozen meals into your slow cooker one morning OR thaw in the fridge overnight to grill or bake according to the recipe.
  6. Later that day, add a side dish (again, we will offer suggestions!) and *voila* dinner is served!

...And then let us know what you thought of the meals so that we can continually improve our service

Our service also includes these benefits:

  • We will provide you with 10 freezer storage bags, each one labelled with: the recipe name, date prepared, suggested meat to be added, cooking instructions and suggested accompaniments.
  • We will be providing nutritional information for each meal -- calories/serving, protein, etc.
  • While you must provide your own meat for each recipe, we will research and provide to you, ahead of time, a summary of where to find local "deals & sales" for purchasing meat.
  • We will recommend accompaniments for each meal and will publish those to you ahead of time.
  • While my first priority is certainly great flavor, the Dietitian in me will err on the side of keeping the recipes healthy, and I will provide you with nutritional analysis for proper portion sizes. I will also occasionally offer alternative ingredients for people who want an even healthier choice.

Have questions? Please check our FAQ area or contact us.

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