Hopefully you caught MVPantry's guest appearance on The GetJosette Radio Show and our local, small business interview on Macaroni Kid North Worcester and our feature story on Upton Daily!


We are also featured in an episode of the Upton Community TV's show "Be My Guest", hosted by Jan Lewis.  It is posted on UCTV's YouTube channel, please check it out!



Here is what some of our wonderful customers have to say about MVPantry:


"We had the chili the other night and it was a HUGE hit! Although I have not made the rotisserie chicken yet, when we were doing our kitchen over in April, I had a meal I got from you which was a whole chicken. I believe it was a lemon marinade. At any rate, I put it in the crockpot FROZEN and man was it amazing! The meat pulled cleanly from the bone without leaving ANY bones to strain from the delicious broth left behind. I made a delicious soup the next day for dinner. It was the meal that kept on giving! Your meals were a lifesaver while we camped in our dining room depending on the crockpot, a rice cooker and a toaster over to cook with!" - Christine S


"I have been really pleased with the service MVPantry provides my family. In addition to simplifying mealtimes without sacrificing nutrition or flavor, it makes it easier for us to provide a varied diet to our kids and introduce new and different meals. We also struggle with food allergies, and I was having a hard time trying other meal plans or programs because of the need to substitute so many ingredients. Susan has been so accommodating and wonderful in that regard. I simply send her our list of allergies, and she works with me to determine suitable ingredient substitutions, or offers to double up on another meal if a certain recipe just won't work for us. Susan goes out of her way to make this program work for us, and we could not be more pleased with the outcome!"

-Jennifer B.

"MVPantry has definitely changed our lives for the better. Family meal time is important to me and these delicious, ready to go meals help to make this time possible even on those crazy nights!"

-Lisa Gibbs, Wife, Mom and Registered Dietitian

"The recipes are so delicious and well balanced and I love the convenience of always having a meal in the freezer that I can pull out, throw in the crockpot and forget about until dinner. Of course, the fantastic smells emanating from the pot seem to follow me all around the house and my family actually start bugging me about dinner hours before it is ready. I also like the idea that I am serving something that is nutritionally sound. There is also the added fact that I really enjoy putting the meals together, following a recipe that has all the ingredients right there for me without having to think."

-Lynne R.

"MVPantry is a life-changing, life-saving, and time-saving routine in our household. Susan’s delicious recipes with full nutritional information means my brother can calculate his insulin needs easily and quickly. I can easily keep track of sodium amounts as I monitor my husband’s and my own hypertension. Provision of lists of required meats and suggested vegetable accompaniments means I spend less time at the grocery store and less time cooking. Coming home at the end of the day to an almost-ready meal means I can get in a quick work-out before dinner. We even bought a new deep freezer so we can double-up on meals at the next event!"

-Michelle A.

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